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The world in figures

Number of overnight stays at camping sites in Germany in 1992
... by holidaymakers living abroad: 4,378,667
... by holidaymakers living in Germany: 20,238,843

Number of overnight stays at camping sites in Germany in 2017
... by holidaymakers living abroad: 4,278,612
... by holidaymakers living in Germany: 26,772,650

Percentage of Swiss state railways not electrified: 0
Percentage of Polish state railways not electrified: 38
Percentage of German state railways not electrified: 40

Price of 1kg of Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar: €600
Gross national income per head in Madagascar in 2017: €334

Time between first barrel being tapped at Munich’s Oktoberfest in 2018 and first person needing first aid for excessive alcohol consumption, in minutes: 32

Percentage of Germans aged between 30 and 59 who think social cohesion is declining
... in 2016: 56
... in 2018: 67

Price paid by Bayer for Monsanto, the US seed and agrochemical conglomerate that makes Roundup (glyphosate): $63bn
Lawsuits filed against Bayer in the US to August 2018 because of glyphosate: 8,700

Number of people in Germany who died in 2015
... in road traffic accidents: 3,633
... in accidents at home: 9,816

Percentage fall in population of Hoyerswerda, Saxony, from 1990 to 2017: 49
Percentage rise in population of Leipzig, Saxony, from 1990 to 2017: 14

Average cost of retrofitting diesel hardware, per car: €2,250
Profits made by Volkswagen in 2017, in millions: €11,600
Number of diesel retrofittings that could be paid for with VW profits: 5.2m
Number of new VW diesel vehicles registered in Germany in 2017: 287,961

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