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The world in figures

Population of Majorca, in millions: 0.9
Population of Turkey, in millions: 80.8
Number of tourists from Germany who travelled to Majorca in 2017, in millions: 4.5
Number of tourists from Germany who travelled to Turkey in 2017, in millions: 3.6

Percentage of the fish sold in Germany as Alaskan pollock that is caught in Alaskan fishing grounds: 40

Proportion of people over 25 in Britain with higher education qualifications …
… who were born in Britain, as a percentage: 30
… who were born in sub-Saharan Africa, as a percentage: 49

Number of startups in Europe with a market valuation of at least $1bn: 26
Number of startups in China with a market valuation of at least $1bn: 59
Number of startups in the US with a market valuation of at least $1bn: 109

Percentage of exports in China's gross domestic product in 2000 …
… according to the World Bank: 9.19
… according to the International Monetary Fund: 20.58
… according to the US National Bureau of Economic Research: 33.32

Average amount of urine in a 50-metre Canadian public swimming pool, in litres: 75
Amount of water in a 50-metre swimming pool in line with Olympic standards, in litres: 3,750,000

Payments in 2018 for decommissioned coal-fired power stations in Germany kept operational to meet possible shortfalls in supply: €149m (£134m)
Number of shortfalls in supply that have led to the power stations affected resuming operations since 2016: 0

Money received by Bavaria, now Germany’s second-richest state, from other German states between 1950 and 1986 under the country’s internal revenue redistribution system: €3.39bn (£3bn)

Average life expectancy of a swift, in years: 4.7
Average distance covered by a swift in that time, in kilometres: 893,000
Average age of a car in Germany, in years: 9.4
Average distance covered by a car in Germany in that time, in kilometres: 130,867

Number of states in Africa that were not colonies in 1912: 2

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