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Message from the editor-in-chief

Who we are

Welcome to brand eins, Germany’s innovative business magazine. Founded in 1999, brand eins has changed the landscape of business journalism in Germany with a wide-ranging exploration of the people and ideas driving the commercial world today.

We focus on portraits, in-depth interviews, background stories and reportage. We give you the stories of entrepreneurs big and not so big, from chief executives to small enterprises.

We are curious about what makes the world economy tick. We look behind the scenes of European start-ups and global corporations. Every month we additionally present several articles around a theme, such as valuations, careers or marketing.

We would like you to get to know us. Every month we will be offering you three articles of our print issue in English here for free. You might also enjoy our regular features: World in Figures and Microeconomics.

Enjoy our online offering in English and if you can spare a minute, please tell us what you think.

Yours sincerely
Gabriele Fischer