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Women / Men / Work

And what it has to do with you.

And what does your husband say about that?

What female entrepreneurs experience when they set up their own companies.

Relative differences

When Antje von Dewitz took over Vaude, the outdoor sports manufacturer founded by her father, she did things her way – which has benefited the company and its staff.

A class act

Bea Knecht is a transgender entrepreneur who knows what it is like to play the tough guy, and to have to prove her competence as a woman

The world in figures

Number of runners at the marathon in Mexico City in 2017: 28,206
Number of runners disqualified in this marathon for allegedly taking a short cut: 5,800

Feature Stories


Focus on the customer!

Heidelberg went from the world’s market leader in printing presses to near bankruptcy, but saved itself just in time. A salutary tale from German industry.


Young and Need the Money

Crowd investment can be a great jump-start for young entrepreneurs. The drawbacks only emerge later


A dash of egotism

An entrepreneur, a politician and a theatre director discuss their key strategy: doing what you like


World in figures

Price of a Bitcoin on 28 April 2013, in US dollars: 134
Price of a Bitcoin on 1 September 2017, in US dollars: 4,892 

How we learn

Hands and heads

Germany’s much admired vocational education system – combining schooling with work experience – has been struggling as more young people go to university. An engineering factory in Bavaria highlights how much potential there still is in the dual training set-up.

How we learn

Observing, varying, measuring: understanding

How can we communicate scientific knowledge? One German entrepreneur has an answer.


An electrician in Ukraine

Evgenia Kalugina is 35 years old and an electrician. She lives with her husband, her 16-year-old daughter and a chameleon in Sloviansk, north of Donetsk. The town is near the frontline of the war in eastern Ukraine.


Message from the editor-in-chief

Welcome to brand eins, Germany’s innovative business magazine. Founded in 1999, brand eins has changed the landscape of business journalism in Germany.

 Free of charge

How does Bayer do its sums?

The pharmaceuticals giant is planning a £50bn takeover of Monsanto. Is the deal only affordable in an era of zero interest rates?

Let it go

Back to being boss

Three company founders wanted to leave the old corporate culture behind them – but that is precisely where they ended up.

Let it go

A lightbulb moment

For more than a century EnBW, Baden-Württemberg’s energy utility, relied on big power stations. Now many face being shut down. Can a firm of 20,000 people reinvent itself?

New ways of working

‘I must provide the impetus’

Electric cars are expensive, which is one reason why they are hard to sell. Günther Schuh, a mechanical engineering professor from Aachen, aims to prove there is a different way.

Free of charge

Free gaming

Free computer games are becoming ever more popular. But how free are they really?


A Security Guard in Afghanistan

Mohammed Isah works every day and is paid €157 (£142) a month. The rent for his apartment in a working-class district is €28 a month.


Billions at stake

Competition law may be seen as dry and thankless, but it makes a good thriller. We visit the financial detectives at DB German railways, investigating price fixing.

Let it go

My Beer, Your Beer

Franconia, in central Germany, has the highest concentration of breweries anywhere in the world. But rival producers don’t get in each other’s way.


What has become of the ‘Fresh Start for the East’ (Aufbruch Ost)?

In 1999 we featured four major projects in eastern Germany that were intended to benefit from German reunification. Now we go back for another look, wondering what became of the hopes that were invested in those schemes.


A helping hack

Can technology make the world a better place? This enticing proposition is being put to the test in Jordan by training refugees from Syria.


What are the young researching?

Three young scientists talk about their work.


What kind of capitalism would we like?

Economic historian Werner Abelshauser on cultural competitive advantages and what Donald Trump could learn from Otto von Bismarck.

Role models

Look at this city

Stockholm is internationally considered one of the best places for an internet company to work from, even though the rules there are very different from those in Silicon Valley. Perhaps that is the very reason.


A strange bank robbery

When €7m vanished from his account, a tech entrepreneur found himself in a byzantine criminal plot involving some dubious art and the man who created disco.


Digitalising the trades

Painter, baker and cabinet maker: three skilled trades, three pioneers.

New ways of working

Made-to-measure – by assembly line

How does industry work in the digital age, and what does that mean for the employees? We visit the cleaning technology firm Kärcher.

Role models

The Watchdogs

Whistleblowers can save companies a lot of money and avert a lot of trouble – if they can get their message across. Zora Ledergerber is there to help.


O come all ye traders!

Many small town centres are sadly deserted. The retail trade there is dying. But the town of Wittlich in Rhineland-Palatinate, western Germany, is fighting back.

New ways of working

Ten minutes for an email

How German firms are organising offices like factories


Prisons for rent

How the Netherlands is emptying its jails

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